Alt Brain Care is dedicated to clinical practice and research for mind health improvement. We work on brain wellness including concentration, memory, clarity problems, fatigue, rehabilitation from heart and stroke attacks or accidental injuries. Causes of disorders may come from anything like stress, insomnia, hormonal imbalance commonly in PMS, postnatal period or intestinal disorders that influence microbes activity on neurons and brain system.

As the bio-neuron system is so complicated and we have to look into the disorders with a more general view. A consultation will kick start the exploring of brain health solutions, step by step, with the appropriate treatment or lifestyle improvement, the renewable neuron cells could recover to normal functions. Alt Brain Care helps people with advanced neuroscience and profound clinical experiences in integrated medicine.

Our founder, Mr.Wen Chen is a member of Canadian Association of Neuroscience, professor of Oriental Medicine Academy, doctor of Chinese medicine in UK and China. He is also registered as R.TCM P in British Columbia of Canada.