Brain Care

As the first alternative brain care clinic in Canada,for years we have studied neuroscience and practiced integrated medicine to improve brain health.  Wellness of the human brain, a complicated and powerful system is important to the body and mind balance.

From east to west, alternative medicine accumulated valuable experiences through countless clinical practices including brain and mind health concerns.

Today’s stress and lifestyle changes leave more problems and disorders with the body system and our brains. Fortunately, more energy has been devoted to finding reasons and solutions.

A functional brain demands a balanced internal organs system, strong immunity support, stable mental health conditions, spinal wellness and regular hormonal level etc. It’s the body supports the mind, while the mind helps to run the body.

We specialize in study and treatment of brain disorders impacted by any dysfunctions or weakness that impact on brain fitness and wellness.

You can contact our office to book an initial consultation or submit the contact form on this site.

The consultation is normally one hour for $100 and your treatment could be covered by health benefits insurance or professional development expenses.